Sessions and Fees

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed physical and mental state in which the consciousness is very focused on something, “busy” so-to-say, and thus allows access to one’s own subconscious. Deep hidden insights are available to us and we can activate the self-healing powers. Hypnotherapy helps to improve your quality of life.

Sessions of Hypnotherapy

First-time Meeting
During the first session, we conduct a detailed preliminary and then a therapy. Please allow 2.5hours for a first-time session.

  • A thorough anamnesis (medical history)

  • A clear explanation of what hypnosis is and what it is not. What is important for your success?

  • Consultation and defining your goals and expectations

  • Clarification of all outstanding issues

  • Introducing hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Dissolving the state of hypnosis

  • Short post-hypnotic evaluation with the client

Each additional session lasts about 50 minutes. You have the opportunity to ask questions and to adjust your goals before each meeting.

Preparing for Hypnotherapy
Prepare yourself for the hypnotherapy by being able to tell your case history chronologically and to give a complete list of all medications that you are using and their dosage.

Number of meetings
Together, we discuss your personal situation. The number of sessions needed depends on your individual clinical picture and on your individual condition.

Many complaints and problems can be alleviated or already solved with just one session. It is extremely rare that it would take more than ten sessions per problem.

The only requirement is that you want change in your life.


First-time session: Call for pricing.
Follow-up session: $150.00

Smoking Cessation: USD $600.00
(flat-rate; including first session and follow-up meeting, if necessary on the same topic)

Please understand that the fee is to be paid in cash on the date of the session. Hypnosis therapy cannot yet be billed to the insurance company. Please clarify before treatment whether the supplementary health insurance may reimburse you a portion of the cost of treatment.

If you are unable to take your appointment, please reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours / 2 working days prior to your session. Please take note that we will charge 100% of appointments. A cancellation by text message is not accepted.