Depression & Anxiety


Depression/Anxiety and Hypnosis

Depression can rob your life of all the joy and color.  You may feel trapped, stuck, like there’s a heavy blanket on you.  You feel nothing will ever change or improve.

Depression, though, always has a story: a story in which you were unaware of. This story creates an imbalance in the chemistry in the mind, which leads to depression. Through hypnosis, we can correct those stories, changing the mind’s chemistry and restoring brain balance, lifting depression and opening you up to new possibilities.

Anxiety plagues most of us in our fast-paced, always on the go society.  We get little time to still our minds and settle down.  Our thoughts race, Anxiety builds. Our bodies react with troubling physical symptoms, and every day tasks loom large and overwhelm us.

Hypnosis can help find out the why. Because anxiety isn’t chronic. It’s something that happens that has an origin. Once that origin is found and neutralized, you will have the freedom to flow with your world not react to it.

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