Why do Problems Show up in Archery?

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Why do problems in archery show up? You may be having a really good archery season, and then everything derails. Out of nowhere comes a problem. You may start punching your release, a slight hesitation emerges, or you find yourself suffering from a loss in focus.  When this happens, it's not Murphy’s Law. Most likely it is a familiar pattern or circumstance that triggers something the subconscious recognizes as a problem. This pattern connects with a situation or event that happened somewhere in your early days. This pattern that is revealed generally reveals a challenge you need to face. The subconscious wants to evolve and help you, so it takes this opportunity to fix the problem. 

This means that we are not victims of these random patterns and situations that show up. These problems are opportunities for us to take the next step in our archery evolution. Don’t look at them as a roadblock. If you see them in this new framework as an opportunity for growth, they won’t stop you or hold you back. Look at them as clues to the big mystery that mystery that is you.You are intricate and complex being, far more exquisite and detailed than you may currently know. Hypnosis offers a great method to look into this robust framework that makes you do what you do and behave the way you do.  Hypnosis lets you explore who you are as well as where you want to be.

Other systems out there view these situations as problems that need to be managed, teaching you tools and tricks to live with the issue. Hypnosis instead offers solutions to these situations by eliminating them where they live in the mind, eliminating the need for the constant management or further struggle. 

Even the word management implies work the word even feels heavy.  We all know the perfect shot has nothing to do with work. The perfect shot that we have all experienced is effortless. When it happens, we are often surprised, and at the same time, we just enjoy the feeling of being in the flow. To me, this is what it’s all about: creating a moment. Not doing all kinds of laborious work to maybe get the result occasionally. Through Hypnosis once the subconscious is cleaned up and free of all self-imposed obstacles, your shot becomes much easier and more repeatable. This is the hypnotic advantage.

Once the debris is no longer there, you can perform at a much higher level using much less effort. This frees you up to refocus that extra energy back into your shot, which opens new levels of performance.

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Fighting the Problem Where It Starts: Hypnosis & Target Panic


When it comes to archery, we all know our equipment makes a difference. But the quality of our minds also plays an important role. I’ve often heard people say that Archery is 90% mental. This is true. Once we transcend technique, form, and the shot becomes somewhat automatic, our subconscious mind is engaged. This is a good thing!  We want to be able to execute this way. But when we are utilizing the subconscious mind, the disharmony that resides there comes to the surface and takes on many forms that can interrupt our ability to shoot at the highest levels.

One form is target panic. Target Panic can show up as a yip at full draw when we’re about to execute the shot. It can show up as competition anxiety. You know feeling sick on shooting day or shaking uncontrollably on the line. Some people may snap shoot, or do the reverse and not be able to let go of the string, drawing down over and over. Other forms are holding low or not being able to hold center. This can be somewhat strange because you cannot keep your pin or dot in the center, it floats off in any kind of crazy direction it wants too.

When this anxiety shows up, it’s no fun to shoot. This can change a passion into a dread.

 We often think that this is a tuning problem or a form issue, and sometimes it is. But a lot of the time, it’s not the equipment or how you shoot. Once we have exhausted these possibilities, our focus turns to negative inward thinking: “there’s something wrong with me. I am just not good enough.” This is not true.

I’m sure someone could separate these problems into different categories, but I see them all as subconscious debris. I place all these things under the title of target panic. These are all problems that keep us from performing at our best when in front of a target. The simple truth is these anxieties don’t come from shooting a bow. They are not related to archery at all. You can’t develop target panic from shooting a bow; it is born at a different moment, and the archer just highlights it.  This anxiety often comes from a situation or misunderstanding in your early days. This problem was always; there just dormant until it was awakened by the process of shooting a bow.  This is why it can’t be fixed on a bale or with a new bow or a new coach.  It needs to be fixed where the problem starts in your subconscious mind.  Hypnosis has the answer.

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Putting the Pieces Together: Reclaiming Your Potential with Hypnosis


Hypnosis & Achievement

We all are born with all the potential we are ever going to need. So what happens why do we find ourselves in a position of lack, feeling like we don’t have enough, that we aren’t good enough, and that we can’t get where we want to go. This is puzzling, but the answer is we don’t have to find the root cause of our roadblocks; we have to uncover it. Everything we need to succeed is all there waiting for us; we just need to get out of our own way to claim our birthright.

But why are we in our own way? Life is full of challenges, and some of these challenges leave us with scars and ideas about  the world. These scars and ideas form patterns that guide our reactions to certain situations or events. We hold onto these ideas so tightly for different reasons. Reasons like fearing not being good enough, having low self-esteem and being locked in by a fear of change. Eventually though, you need to push past these fears and limiting beliefs; these ideas don’t serve us in the way we want them too—especially when we are trying to grow and excel in new ways. Change can be scary. Our old patterns fight against growth, and when it’s time to shed these old fears and concepts, it can be very difficult or overwhelming.

Hypnosis Helps You Change Patterns of Behavior

This is where hypnosis can help. All these ideas, concepts and traumas are resting in your subconscious.  These old ideas or stories keep us from utilizing our potential. They hold us back. They make us feel small and play small.

Hypnosis can help find the hidden concepts and ideas that keep you stuck. Most of the time we don’t know what these stories are that keep us from being the person we are.  They can be tiny misunderstandings imprinted in our early childhood.

Once the subconscious is cleaned up, you will be able to unlock all of the potential you have. Becoming that person the one who masters their craft, has fulfilling relationships, achieves their personal goals.

Reclaim your Potential with Hypnosis

So if you feel like you’re being held back by some unseen force that forces you, reclaim your potential at Pure Space Hypnosis. Call 732-406-3498 for a free phone consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

Adding Hypnosis to Your Archery Game


 Hypnosis in the United States is not very well known. In other countries, it’s very popular. As far as hypnosis in sports, it’s under-utilized.  Some people don’t even believe in it—they associate it with sideshows and magicians.  And yes, the truth is that it won’t work for everyone--the individual has to be willing, want to change, and give themselves permission to do so. 

Once this permission is given, some of the hardest problems that people suffer from can disappear. Problems like anxiety, target panic, low self-esteem, negative self-talk. Hypnosis can find the root cause of the problem and neutralize it. Then these many problems can disappear.

So the point I’m trying to make is that there are problems that lie within your subconscious sometimes we don’t even know that they’re there. They show up in our behaviors when you shoot. Introducing hypnosis in your game can clean up the subconscious mind eliminating the mental problems that hold you back, improving your game tremendously.  But the question is—what can you do if you want to add hypnosis and improve your mental training plan?

How to Get Started With Hypnosis

The first thing is to set up a free phone consultation. This way I can determine whether you are a candidate for hypnosis and whether your problem is mental or physical/form issue.  Then, we will explore your mental game, finding out your current strengths and what isn’t working.

Once the problems are identified, a custom plan will be made for you. This plan will not be about managing whatever problem you have or giving you techniques to find your way around it. This is about eliminating the stories and problems that exist as roadblocks to your success—getting rid of the mental conditioning that holds you back, so there is no need for management. This is where hypnosis differs from all other mental game programs. Once the psychological issues are resolved, your training will get easier your scores will get better, unlocking new potential in your game.

If you are ready to stop managing the problems and start solving the problem, call Pure Space today at 732-406-3498.


Getting Started with Archery Hypnosis: The Next Steps


Archery as a Mental Game

In the archery world, the mental aspect of this sport is critical. Archery is a process of self mastery. When we shoot our bows, we are exercising our mastery of physical skills, while utilizing the full potential of our mental capabilities.  We strive to create sameness in body and mind. Winning tournaments is a byproduct of this.

Once you begin to understand how the mind influences our behaviors and how it can keep you from achieving what you want, we can learn how to use it toward our advantage. 

Hypnosis Helps Archers

This brings us to how hypnosis works. Through hypnosis, we can fix what doesn’t work—the roadblocks in our thinking that keep us from creating sameness and relaxed, repeatable archery form. Cleaning up the subconscious brings us to a point of peak mental performance.

With the mind cleared, we can tap in to the hidden champion with in you and bring forth the master, the whole person the one who trusts in their shot. The one with no doubts and no anxiety, the person that is completely confident in their sport and ability to execute clean shots. Hypnosis can introduce you to your inner champion, helping you to get your mind in the game and ready for all circumstances. We can use hypnosis to unlock your potential, helping you be the dominating force that you already are on the inside.

Learn More About Hypnosis

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All Work And No Play: How To Enjoy Archery Again


All work and no play. We are all familiar with the feeling when something we love gets turned in to “job.”

This can ruin your archery performance.

When we work to hard at anything, the joy can get sucked out of whatever we are doing. After a long time of struggle, the concept of hanging up the game is in the forefront of our minds. Even though we love the sport and once had tremendous passion for it, that is now replaced by frustration. In this moment, we reflect back to the time when it was all exciting whenever everything clicked, when it all just seemed easier. Knowing that to be good at something, we have to work at it, we keep pushing. We work harder and try everything. New equipment, endless drills, new coaches, all in hopes of getting our archery groove back. Then your new coach says your form looks good and finishes with: just shoot more. This can be so frustrating! This is not the answer.

Sometimes the problems that are showing up have nothing to do with equipment or practice, the problem is in the mind, our mental game. 

 When we reach this point and ask the question many of us ask is should I walk away? The answer  is no. Hypnosis can solve these problems. Problems with anxiety, target panic, competition performance, low self-esteem, a loss of motivation, being okay with winning—anything that crops up and robs you of the joy of the sport. Once you correct these hidden road blocks that are tucked away in your mind, you can experience the fun and enjoy archery once more, taking the work out of your practice and competition.

Hypnosis is the answer! It gives archers an actual way to work on the mental components of the mind that don’t support our dreams and goals, the unseen stuff that keeps us off the podium and from loving our sport.

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The Hypnosis Advantage: Breaking Through Plateaus


The Plateau in Archery

In the archery world, once you have achieved sustainable repeatable form, something happens. A new level emerges. This is the level of the mind. This is where the mental game takes over. If the mind has unresolved ideas about winning/losing, self-esteem, hidden anxieties, old traumas or ideas about not being worthy to win your goals can be kept at bay.  You will find yourself shooting the same scores, over and over again without breaking through to the next level.

Archery Workarounds

These are just some examples of what may not be working well in the mind. With that being said, we take these problems and manage them. We find tricks, we train, we buy new equipment, and we try to get around these unique characteristics that we mislabel as part of our personality or just the way we shoot. This wastes valuable energy and attention that we could be putting in to our performance.

The Hypnosis Advantage for Archery

The advantage of utilizing hypnosis is that it can unravel these mysteries that we all carry with in ourselves, saving us years of work. This provides us with opportunities we never would have unlocked had we not dealt with these mysteries, keeping us from achieving our biggest goals both within archery and outside it.

Work on your Archery Mental Game Today

 So address the mental game where it lives: in the mind. Hypnosis gives you direct access to these unknown mysteries that keep you from your peak performance. Utilize hypnosis to discover all you’re capable of and unlock the mind and your world.

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Buck Fever


Buck Fever & Hypnosis

Buck Fever is when your mind shuts off in the moment, or you shake uncontrollably when an animal presents itself.  Part of this is due to adrenaline. When adrenaline hits your brain, it overwhelms your conscious mind, and when that happens, the mind clicks off for a moment. For others, this may manifest as a sort of adrenaline dump, and you shake uncontrollably. Buck fever actually affects everyone differently. 

Some people can pull back their bow only to not be able to let go. Other people shot over or under the animal despite having everything sighted in.

This is frustrating. You just spent the whole day in a tree stand, and the animal presents itself, and  you can’t tell what is going on.  You lose touch with yourself and your ability to shoot.

Just like a phobia, where you react in a way that really doesn’t make sense to you, but it just happens. Buck fever is no different. It’s just a behavior set off by a particular pattern. Your mind sees the pattern and responds accordingly. This experience can be changed through hypnosis.

This response can be changed by reprograming your reaction, so when you see the animal, you don’t have to react in a way where everything shuts down, or you shake uncontrollably. You can experience that moment in a calm, controlled manner and not miss the opportunity again.

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Afraid to Win: Using Hypnosis to Change The Game


All of us who compete want to win; it’s a given, right. Of course, it is. But not everyone is wired to want to win; some people are afraid of it. Some people are not okay with or even comfortable with winning. The majority of sport psychology approaches are directed at people in the opposite camp who fear losing and embarrassment. But being afraid of winning is a real thing that can hinder our performance. If you have experienced success as a young child, you most likely got praise from your family. But what your peer group may have offered up may have been a different story. Sometimes when we are successful, we are excluded and treated in a negative way by our peers. When this happens, we develop stories that winning is painful, and if a stories such as these have been created in a young mind, it may have a damaging and lasting result that holds us back from winning.

But what does this mean exactly? When you were young, mainly before the age of 10-12, your mind is in the data collection mode. In this time, our wide-open, child eyes collect everything in with out judgment. During this time, anything with an emotional component or charge that happens, good or bad, gets locked away in the subconscious. So if you were good in school and the popular crowd didn’t like you because you were an academic super, they may have treated you poorly, excluded you or actively bullied you. This creates a story that achievements are bad, that “winning” is dangerous and something you must be protected from.

This story left unaddressed may sabotage your performance as an adult in sports, work, and many other areas of your life. This happens because one of the main functions of the subconscious is to protect you. So your subconscious will keep you from winning because the program it runs is that winning is painful are leads to the treatment you receive earlier in life.

There are a two main ways this reveals itself in archery.  The first is when you are so close to achieving a winning score and something goes wrong or just falls apart for no clear reason.  In this case, you shoot really well, and then during the last couple of ends, you have the worst time. The result is losing the competition.

The second is the when the archer struggles during the start of an archery tournament with lots of stress and anxiety until the bad shots outnumber the good ones, and all chance of winning is lost.  At that moment, the arrows magically find the middle and the strife associated with shooting disappears.  From there forward, you shoot really well.

If this sounds familiar, you may have an underlying story about the danger of winning hiding in your subconscious. Through hypnosis, we can find these stories and change them so you no longer require your subconscious to protect you. You can allow yourself to win, and no longer live with the self-sabotage, becoming the champion you were meant to be.

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The Mental Game: Archery & Hypnosis


Few of us have a mental game, and some of us don’t work on it at all. Yet, we all know that archery is 95% mental. So why don’t we work on our mental side. We don’t work on it because we are taught when we have a problem we just have to train more, work harder, or get better equipment. Sometimes, this is true. Sometimes, it’s not. The mental game should be addressed as much as the shot process because it is an integral part of the shot process—not something separate from it.  This means there is no separate mental side. There are no sides. There is only one collective process. This includes mental work and all the physical discipline that we put into our sport.

There are mental systems out there. And these systems do work as they help distract our conscious minds and alleviating the symptoms that we suffer from.  But hypnosis offers a different way forward.

Using hypnosis we work on the mental game where it happens in the mind. If the mind is not working at its peak, there will be problems that will show up when you don’t want them to.  Problems like competition anxiety that sucks the fun from being a tournament, social anxiety that keeps you isolated and nervous, or even fear of winning or losing that can paralyze you in the moment.

So how do we work on the mind?

 Hypnosis offers a super efficient way to work on the mind. Through hypnosis, we can get into the deep hidden stories that shape our behaviors. The stories that lie outside of our memories this information creates are habitual patterns. These patterns dictate how we respond to competition and pressure. The system and techniques that I use will clean up the subconscious making it functional in a more efficient way helping you get to the outcomes that you are looking for.

Hypnosis can quickly remedy problems that are chronic and have plagued you for years. So if you want to improve your mental game, start with a clean slate within the foundation of your archery—within your mind. This will increase the probability of you getting what you want and achieving your goals. This will make your archery dreams so much easier to achieve. 

If you want to know how exactly hypnosis can help you, call us now at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation and a plan tailored to you.

Getting What You Want


Getting what you want can seem hard, even impossible. The great effort that you make often doesn’t yield much.  You don’t meet the right person, you aren’t given the promotion, your score falls short of what you know you can do in practice. People say you have to stick with it and not give up.  While this is true, if you give up you will never reach your goals, but what if there were some other elements at play and holding you back…

For example, imagine you had to perform in a school play as a young child. As you are waiting to go on stage, you grew more and more anxious. This anxiety may linger causing you problems with public speaking, tackling a job interview, or contributing your ideas in meetings at work.  If you participate in sports, any delays in the event can also trigger this anxiety response. One simple day in your childhood can echo throughout the rest of your life.  Our lack of understanding of the cause of this behavior can be frustrating, leading us to think that we were just born that way or broken.  Some people experience depression or more wide spread anxiety as a result. 

What holds us back is our subconscious programming, stories that enter our subconscious and then function as the foundation for our reactions to the world.  These stories may form at a very young age, when our subconscious was wide open. Before the age of 10, the subconscious mind has no filter. We haven’t developed discernment. We are subjected to whatever shows up: stories, traumas, or even simple misunderstandings. This information gets locked away and filed in the subconscious, sometimes so deeply, that we don’t even know what’s there.  These are the stories and responses holding us back. These stories won’t let us achieve what we desire.

 Whatever your goals--maybe whether it’s getting your dream job, finding love, or winning the big event--these personal milestones can usually be reached once you remove these stories that keep you trapped in the patterns of your past. Once the subconscious is cleaned up, you will be able to master your life. Hypnosis offers a way to clean up your subconscious and remove roadblocks to the success you want. Hypnosis can unlock the misunderstandings of your past and free you to approach situations in new ways that support your success rather than thwart it.  We can go back and neutralize the damaging effects that these stories hold, freeing ourselves and dismantling the structures that keep us from achieving our potential and getting what we want.

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The Perfect Archery Shot


The perfect shot in archery happens infrequently. The perfect shot is when the shot goes off without effort, and everything seems to happen on its own.  Some people call this being in the flow or being in the zone. When you experience this, you know that shot was executed with your subconscious mind.

The question is how do we make this happen more frequently. Mostly it’s training and more training with the goal of making the physical more automatic. If we do this enough to get muscle memory to take over, so the shot will go off without our minds getting in the way.

The problem lies with mind. All of us admit that archery is 90% mental. But how many of us work on our mental game?  Some of us do this; we implement a system to manage the mind.  We teach ourselves mantras to repeat.  We recite the steps of shooting process in our minds to keep from thinking about anything else. We try to bore out concentration into the target by staring.

But hypnosis offers a new way to approach mental training and increase the ability of your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis streamlines the subconscious mind and takes away all the obstacles that reside there, allowing the mind to be more efficient.

If you think about it, all of us have experienced a good shot where it felt good and landed in the middle. This means you have the skill and ability to shoot your best scores. If you have achieved this once, you can do it again. The problem is that we have to allow it to happen. We have to trust what we’re doing and give ourselves the room to let it happen.

By neutralizing the obstacles within your subconscious mind, these perfect shots will happen more frequently. These obstacles can be stories or misunderstandings imprinted at an earlier time or younger age.  For example, being bullied may create a story where you view yourself as less than, weak or a person who is not worthy of being happy. This story will turn into not being worthy to win.  Another common experience is with jealousy. Sometimes when you are a winner or successful, your friends get jealous, and they treat you badly.  This can create a story that says winning is painful, so your subconscious will not let you win because it wants to protect you from the pain.  

Hypnosis is an efficient way to clean up the subconscious mind and unlock your hidden potential, allowing you to execute more perfect shots consistently. 

If you want to know how exactly hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and improve your game, call us now at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation and a plan tailored to you.

Why We Hang Out With Monsters


We all have monsters in our lives.  People that perhaps at first we are drawn to for their good qualities, charisma, smarts, or wit, and then slowly, or sometimes, not all that slowly, they turn and bare their teeth in ways that cut us to the quick.

Isn’t it funny how we seem to date or marry or have the same boss or supervisor over and over, who treats us in this same poor way, and we don’t know why this happens?  We beat ourselves up about it.  We try to find the solution through changing how we communicate with them or how we respond to them in the moment.  We may even quit or leave the relationship, but the next monster pops up to take their place.

You may say I don’t know why I keep attracting this type of person. It isnt that the world is full of these horrible people.  Or that we deserve to be treated this way. The answer lies within the stories that are locked away in our subconscious. Negative stories that we picked up when we were younger. These negative stories about ourselves that make up our “normal,” when in reality, they should be purged. They don’t serve us so we need to get rid of them. The monsters keep showing up to bring light or awareness to that very thing within ourselves that is broken and calling to be repaired. The problem is that we ignore the signs /patterns that keep repeating themselves over and over.

 The stories that live within our subconscious and drawn in these monsters are easily changed through hypnosis. Once the stories are neutralized, changed, or put into our past, the monster will stop showing up, and we are free to find someone who is really right for us as a partner or the boss that isn’t a tyrant.

So take a minute and think about the scenarios that keep showing up. I know everyone wants to have a life that is easier to live. Hypnosis can make that a truth.  Call Pure Space today at 732-406-3498 to learn more about how to banish the monsters from your life once and for all.


Archery Target Panic Management and How to Let it Go

Target panic is a broad phrase; it can mean so many different things and show up in so many different ways. Some types of target panic don’t have an anxious component; they’re more psychological, and we write them off as funny little quirks that are part of our personalities to manage them.

There are many methods that we use to manage our particular idiosyncrasies:

  • Some people shoot fast to avoid anxiety build up or pin drift.

  • Others wait endless for the pin to stop.

  • We all know archers with four releases in a pouch so when they feel that they are beginning to punch they can change the release to trick themselves into stopping. 

  • Some of us try to fool ourselves by staring at different locations on the target in order for our pin to sit in the middle.

  • Or there’s the path of adjusting our sites so when we hold low it still hits center.

  • The crazy thing is that these fixes are only temporary until the mind catches on. When it does, then it’s game over.

These funny little things that are unique to you can be eliminated completely.  I’m talking about not having to manage any of these quirks, giving you extra time and attention to devote to your shot. How much better would you be if you could pick your bow up and you only have to deal with the single moment of shooting? 

You are capable of being that person who can shoot lights out just like the pros that you admire and want to shoot like.

Through hypnosis, we can put an end to the endless cycle of management and get you shooting like you’re supposed to. Hypnosis can clear the way for you to perform at your peak, removing all the individual problems that slow you down.

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Reshape the Story of You


Dreams aren’t just for dreamers.  We all have the potential to meet any goal we decide to achieve.  The problem lies within the execution of the task and the stories that provide the framework for our actions.

Often, these stories are created in early childhood.  It may be as simple as a present you received one Christmas, like a new dress from your grandma.  When your six-year old put it on, clearly too short and not your size, perhaps your brother laughed at you or teasingly said something mean. 

This tiny moment can get filed in the subconscious. Stories like these can be born from simple misunderstandings or words misspoken just as easily as a trauma. Then, life layers on top of these stories, and they continue to influence the way we respond to similar situations that show up in our every day lives.  You might approach dresses or how you fit in clothes with reluctance, anxiety, fear, or negative self-talk. Your self-image is now damaged, and the subconscious wants to spare you from this discomfort that you felt in that moment, so it will make sure you never wear a small dress—even if it is the size you are meant to be.

Through hypnosis, we can change or neutralize the stories that lie frozen in time with in your subconscious. Once these debilitating stories are corrected, it takes far less effort to achieve your goals. Your subconscious will be working at 110%. Hypnosis can unlock that amazing you. Discover yourself and the personal power that lies with in.

If you want to know how exactly hypnosis can help you achieve the life you are looking for, call us now at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation and a plan tailored to you.


Unlocking your Inner You

Meditation is only one way to access your inner self.  Hypnosis serves as a great tool, as well.

Meditation is only one way to access your inner self. Hypnosis serves as a great tool, as well.

So many of us go through life knowing there’s more to life then meets the eye. We seek a deeper connection to ourselves.  We want to find a deeper meaning to everything that is happening.

We think only if we can unlock a deeper part of ourselves that everything would make sense. We search for a way to unlock these mysteries and find meaning within ourselves and within our larger place in the universe.

To achieve this, we take up different practices and modalities; we study with groups, take classes, and consult guides. But the real way, and confidence in our place doesn’t emerge; we are the same people playing the game that game is called trying. We often wind up just going through the motions.

But what if I could tell you that there is a deeper you, that person that you aspire to be, the connected person that needs nothing and has everything.

The truth of the matter is you ARE connected; all you have to do is allow.

The first step is allowing me to help you become the person you want to be.

This is a possible. At Pure Space Hypnosis, we can unlock the potential and hidden talents you possess, letting you find the connections you seek. Call today at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation to learn more about how to find your inner talents and purpose.

Archery Target Panic Series: Holding Low

Today, I want to talk about holding low or holding off. This is a strange but very common problem. What you find is that no matter what you do, you cannot hold center; it’s like a magnetic force that pushes the pin or dot from the middle.

Most of us blame our equipment or own lack of skill.  It often comes out of nowhere, and we think something happened to our equipment. Then we spend countless hours and money trying to fix it. Some archers struggle so much with holding low that they quit archery all together. At the heart of the matter, holding low is a form of target panic. While doesn’t feel like an anxious event, it’s still target panic. This problem lies with in your mind.

This unconscious phenomenon is easily rectified through hypnosis. I have successfully treated many people in just a few office visits. They were back to holding center and enjoying archery again.  So, if you want to enjoy yourself and aim with ease, talk to me about how hypnosis can help; call 732-406-3498 for a free phone consultation or to schedule a session in person or over Skype/FaceTime.

Trusting Hypnosis


Many people fear hypnosis.  But really it’s misunderstood. Why is it misunderstood? It comes from a lack of exposure. Most people understand hypnosis to be something that happens in a stage show where the hypnotist makes fun of people. Please understand that this is the goal to entertain. A lot of people think hypnosis is about mind control; it’s not. If anything when you are hypnotized, you are very aware of what is happening you are in complete control.

The truth of it is that hypnosis can help you overcome all kinds of difficulties. I’m talking about the things that you think are part of your personality that you don’t like. And things that you believe to be a chronic condition, such as depression, anxiety, behaviors or phobias that you think are unique to you. This is not the case. Chronic problems can be completely resolved through hypnosis--from perfecting a golf swing to getting rid of anxiety depression or stress.

There are no pills involved, and with no drugs, there are no side effects and treatments don’t go on forever. Hypnosis is a fantastic way to change your life.  Call 732-406-3498 to learn more about how this can help and receive a free, phone consultation on a customized solution for you.

A Better Solution to Teeth Grinding


If your life is full of stress and that stress is expressed at night through teeth grinding, your teeth will suffer.  They crack, break, and need painful, expensive procedures.  TMJ and migraines may manifest during the day costing you time and energy from your day.  Mouth guards are messy, uncomfortable, and not sexy.

Hypnosis can put an end to teeth grinding. It is easy quick and painless way to eliminate teeth grinding. You will wake in the morning feeling good, rested and your jaw won’t hurt.  It’s a win-win.  You can trade discomfort and high dental expenses for restful sleep and less stress in just one or two sessions.  Call 732-406-3498 to learn more about how this can help and receive a free, phone consultation on a customized solution for you.