The Perfect Archery Shot


The perfect shot in archery happens infrequently. The perfect shot is when the shot goes off without effort, and everything seems to happen on its own.  Some people call this being in the flow or being in the zone. When you experience this, you know that shot was executed with your subconscious mind.

The question is how do we make this happen more frequently. Mostly it’s training and more training with the goal of making the physical more automatic. If we do this enough to get muscle memory to take over, so the shot will go off without our minds getting in the way.

The problem lies with mind. All of us admit that archery is 90% mental. But how many of us work on our mental game?  Some of us do this; we implement a system to manage the mind.  We teach ourselves mantras to repeat.  We recite the steps of shooting process in our minds to keep from thinking about anything else. We try to bore out concentration into the target by staring.

But hypnosis offers a new way to approach mental training and increase the ability of your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis streamlines the subconscious mind and takes away all the obstacles that reside there, allowing the mind to be more efficient.

If you think about it, all of us have experienced a good shot where it felt good and landed in the middle. This means you have the skill and ability to shoot your best scores. If you have achieved this once, you can do it again. The problem is that we have to allow it to happen. We have to trust what we’re doing and give ourselves the room to let it happen.

By neutralizing the obstacles within your subconscious mind, these perfect shots will happen more frequently. These obstacles can be stories or misunderstandings imprinted at an earlier time or younger age.  For example, being bullied may create a story where you view yourself as less than, weak or a person who is not worthy of being happy. This story will turn into not being worthy to win.  Another common experience is with jealousy. Sometimes when you are a winner or successful, your friends get jealous, and they treat you badly.  This can create a story that says winning is painful, so your subconscious will not let you win because it wants to protect you from the pain.  

Hypnosis is an efficient way to clean up the subconscious mind and unlock your hidden potential, allowing you to execute more perfect shots consistently. 

If you want to know how exactly hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and improve your game, call us now at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation and a plan tailored to you.

Why We Hang Out With Monsters


We all have monsters in our lives.  People that perhaps at first we are drawn to for their good qualities, charisma, smarts, or wit, and then slowly, or sometimes, not all that slowly, they turn and bare their teeth in ways that cut us to the quick.

Isn’t it funny how we seem to date or marry or have the same boss or supervisor over and over, who treats us in this same poor way, and we don’t know why this happens?  We beat ourselves up about it.  We try to find the solution through changing how we communicate with them or how we respond to them in the moment.  We may even quit or leave the relationship, but the next monster pops up to take their place.

You may say I don’t know why I keep attracting this type of person. It isnt that the world is full of these horrible people.  Or that we deserve to be treated this way. The answer lies within the stories that are locked away in our subconscious. Negative stories that we picked up when we were younger. These negative stories about ourselves that make up our “normal,” when in reality, they should be purged. They don’t serve us so we need to get rid of them. The monsters keep showing up to bring light or awareness to that very thing within ourselves that is broken and calling to be repaired. The problem is that we ignore the signs /patterns that keep repeating themselves over and over.

 The stories that live within our subconscious and drawn in these monsters are easily changed through hypnosis. Once the stories are neutralized, changed, or put into our past, the monster will stop showing up, and we are free to find someone who is really right for us as a partner or the boss that isn’t a tyrant.

So take a minute and think about the scenarios that keep showing up. I know everyone wants to have a life that is easier to live. Hypnosis can make that a truth.  Call Pure Space today at 732-406-3498 to learn more about how to banish the monsters from your life once and for all.


Archery Target Panic Management and How to Let it Go

Target panic is a broad phrase; it can mean so many different things and show up in so many different ways. Some types of target panic don’t have an anxious component; they’re more psychological, and we write them off as funny little quirks that are part of our personalities to manage them.

There are many methods that we use to manage our particular idiosyncrasies:

  • Some people shoot fast to avoid anxiety build up or pin drift.

  • Others wait endless for the pin to stop.

  • We all know archers with four releases in a pouch so when they feel that they are beginning to punch they can change the release to trick themselves into stopping. 

  • Some of us try to fool ourselves by staring at different locations on the target in order for our pin to sit in the middle.

  • Or there’s the path of adjusting our sites so when we hold low it still hits center.

  • The crazy thing is that these fixes are only temporary until the mind catches on. When it does, then it’s game over.

These funny little things that are unique to you can be eliminated completely.  I’m talking about not having to manage any of these quirks, giving you extra time and attention to devote to your shot. How much better would you be if you could pick your bow up and you only have to deal with the single moment of shooting? 

You are capable of being that person who can shoot lights out just like the pros that you admire and want to shoot like.

Through hypnosis, we can put an end to the endless cycle of management and get you shooting like you’re supposed to. Hypnosis can clear the way for you to perform at your peak, removing all the individual problems that slow you down.

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Reshape the Story of You


Dreams aren’t just for dreamers.  We all have the potential to meet any goal we decide to achieve.  The problem lies within the execution of the task and the stories that provide the framework for our actions.

Often, these stories are created in early childhood.  It may be as simple as a present you received one Christmas, like a new dress from your grandma.  When your six-year old put it on, clearly too short and not your size, perhaps your brother laughed at you or teasingly said something mean. 

This tiny moment can get filed in the subconscious. Stories like these can be born from simple misunderstandings or words misspoken just as easily as a trauma. Then, life layers on top of these stories, and they continue to influence the way we respond to similar situations that show up in our every day lives.  You might approach dresses or how you fit in clothes with reluctance, anxiety, fear, or negative self-talk. Your self-image is now damaged, and the subconscious wants to spare you from this discomfort that you felt in that moment, so it will make sure you never wear a small dress—even if it is the size you are meant to be.

Through hypnosis, we can change or neutralize the stories that lie frozen in time with in your subconscious. Once these debilitating stories are corrected, it takes far less effort to achieve your goals. Your subconscious will be working at 110%. Hypnosis can unlock that amazing you. Discover yourself and the personal power that lies with in.

If you want to know how exactly hypnosis can help you achieve the life you are looking for, call us now at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation and a plan tailored to you.


Unlocking your Inner You

Meditation is only one way to access your inner self.  Hypnosis serves as a great tool, as well.

Meditation is only one way to access your inner self. Hypnosis serves as a great tool, as well.

So many of us go through life knowing there’s more to life then meets the eye. We seek a deeper connection to ourselves.  We want to find a deeper meaning to everything that is happening.

We think only if we can unlock a deeper part of ourselves that everything would make sense. We search for a way to unlock these mysteries and find meaning within ourselves and within our larger place in the universe.

To achieve this, we take up different practices and modalities; we study with groups, take classes, and consult guides. But the real way, and confidence in our place doesn’t emerge; we are the same people playing the game that game is called trying. We often wind up just going through the motions.

But what if I could tell you that there is a deeper you, that person that you aspire to be, the connected person that needs nothing and has everything.

The truth of the matter is you ARE connected; all you have to do is allow.

The first step is allowing me to help you become the person you want to be.

This is a possible. At Pure Space Hypnosis, we can unlock the potential and hidden talents you possess, letting you find the connections you seek. Call today at 732-406-3498 for a free consultation to learn more about how to find your inner talents and purpose.

Archery Target Panic Series: Holding Low

Today, I want to talk about holding low or holding off. This is a strange but very common problem. What you find is that no matter what you do, you cannot hold center; it’s like a magnetic force that pushes the pin or dot from the middle.

Most of us blame our equipment or own lack of skill.  It often comes out of nowhere, and we think something happened to our equipment. Then we spend countless hours and money trying to fix it. Some archers struggle so much with holding low that they quit archery all together. At the heart of the matter, holding low is a form of target panic. While doesn’t feel like an anxious event, it’s still target panic. This problem lies with in your mind.

This unconscious phenomenon is easily rectified through hypnosis. I have successfully treated many people in just a few office visits. They were back to holding center and enjoying archery again.  So, if you want to enjoy yourself and aim with ease, talk to me about how hypnosis can help; call 732-406-3498 for a free phone consultation or to schedule a session in person or over Skype/FaceTime.

Trusting Hypnosis


Many people fear hypnosis.  But really it’s misunderstood. Why is it misunderstood? It comes from a lack of exposure. Most people understand hypnosis to be something that happens in a stage show where the hypnotist makes fun of people. Please understand that this is the goal to entertain. A lot of people think hypnosis is about mind control; it’s not. If anything when you are hypnotized, you are very aware of what is happening you are in complete control.

The truth of it is that hypnosis can help you overcome all kinds of difficulties. I’m talking about the things that you think are part of your personality that you don’t like. And things that you believe to be a chronic condition, such as depression, anxiety, behaviors or phobias that you think are unique to you. This is not the case. Chronic problems can be completely resolved through hypnosis--from perfecting a golf swing to getting rid of anxiety depression or stress.

There are no pills involved, and with no drugs, there are no side effects and treatments don’t go on forever. Hypnosis is a fantastic way to change your life.  Call 732-406-3498 to learn more about how this can help and receive a free, phone consultation on a customized solution for you.

A Better Solution to Teeth Grinding


If your life is full of stress and that stress is expressed at night through teeth grinding, your teeth will suffer.  They crack, break, and need painful, expensive procedures.  TMJ and migraines may manifest during the day costing you time and energy from your day.  Mouth guards are messy, uncomfortable, and not sexy.

Hypnosis can put an end to teeth grinding. It is easy quick and painless way to eliminate teeth grinding. You will wake in the morning feeling good, rested and your jaw won’t hurt.  It’s a win-win.  You can trade discomfort and high dental expenses for restful sleep and less stress in just one or two sessions.  Call 732-406-3498 to learn more about how this can help and receive a free, phone consultation on a customized solution for you.

Moving Outside, Getting Ahead: Hypnosis and Archery Performance Gains

hypnosis and archery

Outdoor season is upon us. For some of us, it is a welcome change. We leave the indoor with many challenges.  We think about that one arrow that fell short, or perhaps a disappointment at a tournament.  But once we start outdoor season, we don’t think about them, we leave indoor season and everything we faced there behind.

But the challenges we had inside will still affect us outside.  Maybe we need to work on holding low.  Maybe we have a lot of negative self-talk.  Maybe we freeze up when facing a target.  Maybe we can’t seem to get our release off in time.  The switch from inside to outside can mask these issues for a time, but they invariably show back up. 

This transition period is a great time to work on improving your mental game.  You can overcome these haunting issues and move forward toward the goals you have for your archery game.

Hypnosis can help quickly and efficiently, so you can perform at your full potential.  Stop managing your problems and just getting by; it’s time to fix them. Unburden yourself and use the extra attention to make your shot better. 

Call Pure Space Hypnosis at 732-406-3498 today.  Online and in-person sessions are available.

Hypnosis and Test Anxiety


Many students suffer from test anxiety. Test anxiety manifests in multiple ways from falling apart before taking a test to procrastinating when studying to panicking during a test. Many students suffer from this, even though they know the material and are very smart, but the idea of taking a test affects them physically and emotionally.

Hypnosis can eliminate test anxiety. This reaction is not who they are. There are reasons why this happens. Hypnosis can find the root cause of the anxiety. In a few short sessions, you can reduce or eliminate it completely.  Hypnosis can help your student make the change, so they are no longer held back by their inability to take a test.  This can change the course of you child’s life and their education.

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Hypnosis and Chronic Pain

Those of you that have chronic pain understand how completely taxing it can be on every system of the body and mind.  Everyday living can be a true struggle as you manage your pain along with personal and professional demands. Medication only adds to the equation; its toll often leaves you feeling awful and not completely healed.  Not to mention, it presents the risk of addiction, which can cause other life challenges.

Many of you do not know that hypnosis is an excellent drug-free way to manage chronic pain.  With hypnosis, there are no side effects other than pain reduction or pain elimination.

So yes, you can be pain free—but we aren’t only ones that say so.  Here is some research to back this up:

 If you are ready to release your pain and start living in a new way, call us to today to talk about how: 732-406-3498.

Why Try Hypnosis


Most people use hypnosis as a last resort. They tried everything they know to stop smoking or lose weight or control unwanted behavior and only when that does not work then they go towards things they’re not familiar with.

Little is understood about hypnosis. It seems mysterious and a little magical.  People think about hypnosis stage shows they have seen and imagine being forced to cluck like a chicken. Then they remember their neighbor or co-worker who gave it a try to quit smoking or lose weight and consider that hypnosis just may be worth a try, even if they aren’t sure that they can believe in it.

The truth is Hypnosis is science-based. It’s just simply utilize trance state as a vehicle to talk to one’s subconscious. bypassing the conscious mind.  The relaxed state of hypnosis, you and your hypnotist work together to get to the root of the issue you are experiencing. Hypnosis helps with a variety of issues from:

  • Chronic pain

  • Eating disorders

  • Phobias

  • Bedwetting

  • People who have felt held back

  • Anger issues

  • Stress reduction

  • Teeth grinding

  • Behavioral issues with children

  • Test anxiety

  • Weight management/Body Image

  • Sexual performance

  • Motivation issues

  • Breaking negative cycles

  • Any unwanted behaviors

Results are permanent, and change can happen in a matter of one to three sessions. Hypnosis doesn’t need to be a last resort. Hypnosis can be a choice you make to reclaim your potential today.

Lancaster Classic Update—Archery And Hypnosis


Just the other weekend, I attended the Lancaster classic archery tournament. I was there to help spread the word on how hypnosis can help with archery.

I found a lot of confusion about what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is a super efficient way to communicate with subconscious. It allows the hypnotist to change unhealthy patterns that are locked away in our minds. These patterns restrict us from performing at 100%.

Hypnosis is not a new piece of hardware. It’s a way to help you perform at your peak. Most of us don’t perform at 100%. We have limiting beliefs and other subconscious patterns that hold us back. And yes, target panic, that holds us back too.

This is the realm I work in. So if you want to unlock your archery abilities and get rid of the panic problems and perform at 100%, give me a call at 732-406-3498.

I also had the chance to talk to Chris Bee, Tim Gillingham, and George Ryals IV about hypnosis and archery on the BeeCast if you want to understand this a little more.

Quitting Smoking

Grim Reper

Quitting smoking can be a  difficult problem to overcome. One average, a pack of cigarettes costs $6; with a pack a day habit, smoking costs cost $2,000 a year. This number doesn’t include the costs to your health. Medical studies document all too well the health risks of smoking. Every morning when you wake up coughing, you experience those risks first hand.

While there are many ways out there to quit smoking, most of them require lots of time, money, and tenacity. Sadly, many of the methods claim a very low success rate, leaving you frustrated and feeling like a failure.

Fortunately, hypnosis offers a better way to quit smoking!

Hypnosis Helps You to Stop Smoking

Hypnosis has an 80% success rate. What most people require is 1-2 office visits and the need to quit—that is it. The best thing with hypnosis is that when you leave the office, and you no longer possess desire to light up It returns you to life as non-smoker. 

When we get your subconscious mind on board that you are not actually a smoker, the need and desires are gone. 

What are Your Next Steps to Stop Smoking Today

It’s time to reclaim your health. Get rid of a costly habit that robs you of your health and money and take charge of your life; you don’t have be ruled by your smokes.

Call today to schedule your appointment: 732-406-3498.  

Keeping Resolutions: Hypnosis helps


Making resolutions stick can be challenging. Life gets in the way. Good intentions give way to old habits. Stress stops you in your tracks.

Hypnosis doesn’t only help with problematic behaviors.  It can also help people with meeting their goals. Sometimes meeting goals isn’t the problem.  Sometimes, it’s something that holds people back from achieving their goals, an old pattern that keeps them stuck. Hypnosis can decode and debunk these limiting beliefs and help people get back on track for achieving their dreams.

If this sounds familiar, give me a call. You can find me at or 732-406-3498, so don’t hesitate to reach out.  Achieve your New Year’s dreams. You will find answer at Pure Space Hypnosis.

Demystifying Hypnosis and the Trance State


When I talk to people about hypnosis their general impression is that hypnosis is mind control. Hypnosis is not mind control. Hypnosis is just an amazing and efficient method of communication with your subconscious.  Hypnotists utilize trance to do facilitate this conservation with your deepest self.  But trance is nothing new to your day-to-day experience.

In turns our trance is a very natural state. We are often in trance multiple times a day. One good example is when you begin your drive home from work and the next thing you know you are in your driveway with no memory of the ride. This is trance. Trance organically happens. Another example of trance is when you get wrapped up in a movie. When your favorite actor or actress dies, and you get upset—you are in a trance. That actor did not die; he or she is fine and made a lot of money for the film and is at some party in Hollywood.  But you have slipped into the trance of the experience and immersed in the film to have an emotional reaction.

As we work together utilizing the trance state, I am able to speak to your subconscious mind and neutralize or rewrite programs or thoughts that are not beneficial to you while reinforcing good and useful suggestions and metaphors to help you reach your desired outcomes. In trance, a hypnotist can’t force you do anything; they can only make suggestions. A key part of this experience is your willingness to engage in the process and participate in the change you are seeking. Working this way can bring forth positive permanent change in a variety of areas from smoking to sleeping better to improving sports performance or goals at work. This redefines your potential, unlocking the real you.

If you are stuck in some facet of your life and you want to break free, give me a call at 732-406-3498.

Curing Target Panic


Target panic is something that can happen to any archer—from a new person just starting to a seasoned pro. The panic isn’t born of archery, but rather, the archery reveals an anxiety that is within the person.

Traditional methods for dealing with target panic revolve around making new neural pathways around the panic. A archer will switch releases, blank bale, use short targets, and spend a lot of time working in a solution. These practice-based solution can take anywhere from six months to a year to work through. And at the end of the day, the anxiety is still there—the archer has just made a pathway around it.

Hypnosis can change all of this. In a few sessions, you can get to the root cause of the anxiety and never need to experience this again. Instead of going the long way around, the archer and hypnotist can work together to find and fix the issue.

If this is something you or someone you know needs help with, give us as call at 732-406-3498. We have in sessions in person in Flemington NJ and Bethlehem, PA or via Skype available.