I would highly recommend Joe Crisanti at Pure Space Hypnosis. I was extremely skeptical but my experience was not like what you see on TV or on cruise ships. Joe is very relaxed and ensures that you understand every step of the process before he begins. You are fully aware throughout the entire experience and explore your subconscious mind together, like you are having a conversation with him. The information that I shared was completely controlled by me, so there is nothing to be worried about. 

I went to Joe after I was laid off and my anxiety was at an all time high. My doctor was about to increase my medication so I decided to try this before I filled my new prescription. After my first visit, my panic attacks and anxiety chest pains were gone and I was able to completely discontinue the medication that I had been on for the past year and a half. In the same visit, he also helped to stop my teeth grinding, which was so severe that they caused frequent headaches when I woke up and I had even bitten through my dental mouth guard in the past.

I can't believe how effective hypnosis was for these issues that I had been struggling with for so many years. Hypnosis has completely and instantly changed my life.


When I first took my daughter to Joe, I was a bit skeptical. But he quickly changed my mind about hypnotherapy. My daughter has sensory processing disorder and was in bad shape. She was having at least 3 to 4 meltdowns per day. I had to carry her into school kicking and screaming and half dressed. We had been seeing an occupational therapist and a cognitive therapist, but none of it was working. She had gone too long without being treated for her  sensory issues and her anxiety took hold and spiraled out of control. After five years of not recognizing my baby girl, two sessions with Joe healed her mind and my girl came back to me. She is happy and silly and absolutely wonderful. A therapist once told me that she views hypnotherapy as a healthy form of medication. I have seen that two simple sessions can do what a bottle of pills and years of therapy can, but without all the nasty side effects or cost. I wish insurance companies would see this as a valid form of treatment. My daughter has a condition that might require a refresher once or twice a year. I don’t think every situation would require multiple visits. So I will continue to use Joe as long as my daughter needs him. His sessions provide immediate relief and help her to function normally. Thank you so much Joe for helping her break through!

—Angela R.

Joe’s comprehensive talents grounded in his empathic nature help me continue to achieve my athletic goals in dance specifically.  Through hypnosis he has helped me relax certain muscles and engage others necessary for my desired choreography. I have added him to my list of professionals upon whom I rely to continue my dance pursuits.

—Kathryn Jackson

I cannot recommend Pure Space Hypnosis enough for helping athletes to achieve their sporting goals.  After working with Joe Cristani, I earned two silver medals in the World Masters Archery Championships, and placed in the top 8 at US Archery Nationals.  More importantly than the ranking, working with Joe enabled me to achieve my personal goals for attitude and spirit during competition.  I enjoy my archery practice and tournaments so much more now because of the insight and wisdom I received from the hypnosis process.  If you want to be in a better place mentally with your sport, don’t hesitate to try Pure Space.

—Brandi Granett

Extraordinary! The hypnosis sessions Joe has done with me have improved my life on multiple levels. He has worked with me on several matters such as weight loss, healing from injury, and emotional trauma from the past, and I can tell you these sessions with him are nothing short of magical. I have even felt physical changes occur during the sessions themselves. With hypnosis, we were able to cut to the core of various issues and resolve many of them on the deepest level. Some problems require more than one session as some issues are more complex than others. I have had a wonderful experience with Joe. He's straightforward, direct and, most importantly, excellent at what he does. I would also add that Joe has a vast amount of knowledge regarding hypnosis and beyond, into other forms of alternative healing. With Joe, you are in good hands.

- Mansoor