Life can often be hard. We are met with challenges every day.  We struggle with confidence, stress, addictions, body image, and meeting our goals. The way we handle these challenges often depends on what we imprinted from early childhood in our subconscious. Your subconscious is filled with stories that you’ve made up or experienced. This provides examples or patterns for your conscious mind to draw from that influence your everyday behavior.

Such simple stories like a bad day at bat in little league that keeps you afraid of success today.  Or when you were 8 years old and tried on your favorite dress that no longer fit and your brothers made fun of you creating a lifelong pattern of struggling with body image and weight loss.  A bad experience on bicycle as a child could manifest as a phobia when driving today.  An anxious moment from the second grade holiday play can feed your anxiety on the job.  A disappointing report card can later trigger target panic on the archery field. Teasing from junior high can lead to social anxiety or phobias. 

When you are young, your subconscious is wide open. The stories you make up or experience that possess an emotional charge go straight into your subconscious. Many people fear that their challenges stem from some larger trauma they would rather not remember.  However, these stories can be formed from simple misunderstandings that result in lifelong conflicts or challenges.

Hypnosis gives us the ability to change the stories or neutralize them, in a short amount of time. Once the stories are corrected, restrictions in your life disappear.  You can embrace success.  You can achieve your weight loss goals.  You can release addictions or physical manifestations of emotional pain. You can finally be free of anxiety. Your goals are met. Your challenges are overcome. Your life can become a better experience every single day.

If you want to change your life try hypnosis to change your story, your response to the world around you. Find the freedom and discover your full potential.  Reach out to us today for a free phone consultation at 732-406-3498 or via the email contact form below.