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Archery Mental Game & Hypnosis

Few of us have a mental game, and some of us don’t work on it at all. Yet, we all know that archery is 95% mental. So why don’t we work on our mental side. We don’t work on it because we are taught when we have a problem we just have to train more, work harder, or get better equipment. Sometimes, this is true. Sometimes, it’s not. The mental game should be addressed as much as the shot process because it is an integral part of the shot process—not something separate from it.  This means there is no separate mental side. There are no sides. There is only one collective process. This includes mental work and all the physical discipline that we put into our sport.

There are mental systems out there. And these systems do work as they help distract our conscious minds and alleviating the symptoms that we suffer from.  But hypnosis offers a different way forward.

Using hypnosis we work on the mental game where it happens in the mind. If the mind is not working at its peak, there will be problems that will show up when you don’t want them to.  Problems like competition anxiety that sucks the fun from being a tournament, social anxiety that keeps you isolated and nervous, or even fear of winning or losing that can paralyze you in the moment.

So how do we work on the mind?

 Hypnosis offers a super efficient way to work on the mind. Through hypnosis, we can get into the deep hidden stories that shape our behaviors. The stories that lie outside of our memories this information creates are habitual patterns. These patterns dictate how we respond to competition and pressure. The system and techniques that I use will clean up the subconscious making it functional in a more efficient way helping you get to the outcomes that you are looking for.

Hypnosis can quickly remedy problems that are chronic and have plagued you for years. So if you want to improve your mental game, start with a clean slate within the foundation of your archery—within your mind. This will increase the probability of you getting what you want and achieving your goals. This will make your archery dreams so much easier to achieve. 

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