Childhood Behavior Issues


Children, Behavior Issues, & Hypnosis

Children seem to be having more and more complex behavioral issues--ADD/ADHD, sensitivity disorders, learning difficulties, depression, etc. It isn’t clear whether the behaviors have changed or the diagnosis. Essentially, it doesn’t matter; when working within the realm of the subconscious where all behavioral patterns originate. and change can be obtained much faster, without years of therapy or drug side effects. Hypnosis makes things much easier for the child and for the parents. When progress is realized quickly, patient and parent tend to be less frustrated, school becomes easier, and stress levels go down. 

These behavior issues and challenges often show up before the age of 10 because the young mind is more open to suggestion, good or bad.  Compounding this biological fact is the increasing exposure to stimulus in our modern culture. Information is so easily obtained and constantly bombards us from screens with carry with us every where.  The children and young adults take in information on a much grander scale; they are not immune to the new, faster pace of our society. On top of this, children are more sensitive and aware of the adult world than ever before. 

With this information overload the mind is maxed out. This expands trouble in school, trouble at home, bullying, etc, the list goes on and on.  I believe the young mind’s have no way of dealing with this stress and tension, so they find different ways to process. What then shows up are behaviors that are not  helpful for anyone—and often clinician diagnoses.

Treating behavioral problems with hypnosis is very effective.  Hypnosis provides a very efficient way to tackle these behaviors in the place where they originate without drugs and the problems they create. Hypnosis will de-stress the mind.  Remove learning blockages and unlocking the hidden mysteries that are unique to each child that keep them from success. 

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