Demystifying Hypnosis and the Trance State


When I talk to people about hypnosis their general impression is that hypnosis is mind control. Hypnosis is not mind control. Hypnosis is just an amazing and efficient method of communication with your subconscious.  Hypnotists utilize trance to do facilitate this conservation with your deepest self.  But trance is nothing new to your day-to-day experience.

In turns our trance is a very natural state. We are often in trance multiple times a day. One good example is when you begin your drive home from work and the next thing you know you are in your driveway with no memory of the ride. This is trance. Trance organically happens. Another example of trance is when you get wrapped up in a movie. When your favorite actor or actress dies, and you get upset—you are in a trance. That actor did not die; he or she is fine and made a lot of money for the film and is at some party in Hollywood.  But you have slipped into the trance of the experience and immersed in the film to have an emotional reaction.

As we work together utilizing the trance state, I am able to speak to your subconscious mind and neutralize or rewrite programs or thoughts that are not beneficial to you while reinforcing good and useful suggestions and metaphors to help you reach your desired outcomes. In trance, a hypnotist can’t force you do anything; they can only make suggestions. A key part of this experience is your willingness to engage in the process and participate in the change you are seeking. Working this way can bring forth positive permanent change in a variety of areas from smoking to sleeping better to improving sports performance or goals at work. This redefines your potential, unlocking the real you.

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