Lancaster Classic Update—Archery And Hypnosis


Just the other weekend, I attended the Lancaster classic archery tournament. I was there to help spread the word on how hypnosis can help with archery.

I found a lot of confusion about what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is a super efficient way to communicate with subconscious. It allows the hypnotist to change unhealthy patterns that are locked away in our minds. These patterns restrict us from performing at 100%.

Hypnosis is not a new piece of hardware. It’s a way to help you perform at your peak. Most of us don’t perform at 100%. We have limiting beliefs and other subconscious patterns that hold us back. And yes, target panic, that holds us back too.

This is the realm I work in. So if you want to unlock your archery abilities and get rid of the panic problems and perform at 100%, give me a call at 732-406-3498.

I also had the chance to talk to Chris Bee, Tim Gillingham, and George Ryals IV about hypnosis and archery on the BeeCast if you want to understand this a little more.