Archery Target Panic Series: Holding Low

Today, I want to talk about holding low or holding off. This is a strange but very common problem. What you find is that no matter what you do, you cannot hold center; it’s like a magnetic force that pushes the pin or dot from the middle.

Most of us blame our equipment or own lack of skill.  It often comes out of nowhere, and we think something happened to our equipment. Then we spend countless hours and money trying to fix it. Some archers struggle so much with holding low that they quit archery all together. At the heart of the matter, holding low is a form of target panic. While doesn’t feel like an anxious event, it’s still target panic. This problem lies with in your mind.

This unconscious phenomenon is easily rectified through hypnosis. I have successfully treated many people in just a few office visits. They were back to holding center and enjoying archery again.  So, if you want to enjoy yourself and aim with ease, talk to me about how hypnosis can help; call 732-406-3498 for a free phone consultation or to schedule a session in person or over Skype/FaceTime.