Buck Fever


Buck Fever & Hypnosis

Buck Fever is when your mind shuts off in the moment, or you shake uncontrollably when an animal presents itself.  Part of this is due to adrenaline. When adrenaline hits your brain, it overwhelms your conscious mind, and when that happens, the mind clicks off for a moment. For others, this may manifest as a sort of adrenaline dump, and you shake uncontrollably. Buck fever actually affects everyone differently. 

Some people can pull back their bow only to not be able to let go. Other people shot over or under the animal despite having everything sighted in.

This is frustrating. You just spent the whole day in a tree stand, and the animal presents itself, and  you can’t tell what is going on.  You lose touch with yourself and your ability to shoot.

Just like a phobia, where you react in a way that really doesn’t make sense to you, but it just happens. Buck fever is no different. It’s just a behavior set off by a particular pattern. Your mind sees the pattern and responds accordingly. This experience can be changed through hypnosis.

This response can be changed by reprograming your reaction, so when you see the animal, you don’t have to react in a way where everything shuts down, or you shake uncontrollably. You can experience that moment in a calm, controlled manner and not miss the opportunity again.

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