Sleep Disorders & Insomnia


Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, and Hypnosis

A lot of us say, “it takes me forever to fall sleep.” In practice, this is not true; it only takes a few seconds. There is a mechanism in the brain like a little switch between asleep and awake. This switch triggers chemicals that tell the body to go to sleep. The problem is getting to the point where the switch activates—that is where laying there, sometimes for hours, comes in. A lot of us have trouble shutting down our mind. Our thoughts race out of control. The nervous system doesn’t get a chance to relax enough, so we can get to the  moment when that switch happens. 

Sleep is governed by the unconscious mind; this is the part of the mind that runs all the involuntary functions of the body. Through hypnosis, we can work with the unconscious mind, changing the structured patterns that are in place, allowing you to have a completely different experience when falling to sleep or getting back to sleep. Falling to sleep will happen faster, and you will be sleeping deeper.

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