Reshape the Story of You


Dreams aren’t just for dreamers.  We all have the potential to meet any goal we decide to achieve.  The problem lies within the execution of the task and the stories that provide the framework for our actions.

Often, these stories are created in early childhood.  It may be as simple as a present you received one Christmas, like a new dress from your grandma.  When your six-year old put it on, clearly too short and not your size, perhaps your brother laughed at you or teasingly said something mean. 

This tiny moment can get filed in the subconscious. Stories like these can be born from simple misunderstandings or words misspoken just as easily as a trauma. Then, life layers on top of these stories, and they continue to influence the way we respond to similar situations that show up in our every day lives.  You might approach dresses or how you fit in clothes with reluctance, anxiety, fear, or negative self-talk. Your self-image is now damaged, and the subconscious wants to spare you from this discomfort that you felt in that moment, so it will make sure you never wear a small dress—even if it is the size you are meant to be.

Through hypnosis, we can change or neutralize the stories that lie frozen in time with in your subconscious. Once these debilitating stories are corrected, it takes far less effort to achieve your goals. Your subconscious will be working at 110%. Hypnosis can unlock that amazing you. Discover yourself and the personal power that lies with in.

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