Archery Target Panic Management and How to Let it Go

Target panic is a broad phrase; it can mean so many different things and show up in so many different ways. Some types of target panic don’t have an anxious component; they’re more psychological, and we write them off as funny little quirks that are part of our personalities to manage them.

There are many methods that we use to manage our particular idiosyncrasies:

  • Some people shoot fast to avoid anxiety build up or pin drift.

  • Others wait endless for the pin to stop.

  • We all know archers with four releases in a pouch so when they feel that they are beginning to punch they can change the release to trick themselves into stopping. 

  • Some of us try to fool ourselves by staring at different locations on the target in order for our pin to sit in the middle.

  • Or there’s the path of adjusting our sites so when we hold low it still hits center.

  • The crazy thing is that these fixes are only temporary until the mind catches on. When it does, then it’s game over.

These funny little things that are unique to you can be eliminated completely.  I’m talking about not having to manage any of these quirks, giving you extra time and attention to devote to your shot. How much better would you be if you could pick your bow up and you only have to deal with the single moment of shooting? 

You are capable of being that person who can shoot lights out just like the pros that you admire and want to shoot like.

Through hypnosis, we can put an end to the endless cycle of management and get you shooting like you’re supposed to. Hypnosis can clear the way for you to perform at your peak, removing all the individual problems that slow you down.

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