Why We Hang Out With Monsters


We all have monsters in our lives.  People that perhaps at first we are drawn to for their good qualities, charisma, smarts, or wit, and then slowly, or sometimes, not all that slowly, they turn and bare their teeth in ways that cut us to the quick.

Isn’t it funny how we seem to date or marry or have the same boss or supervisor over and over, who treats us in this same poor way, and we don’t know why this happens?  We beat ourselves up about it.  We try to find the solution through changing how we communicate with them or how we respond to them in the moment.  We may even quit or leave the relationship, but the next monster pops up to take their place.

You may say I don’t know why I keep attracting this type of person. It isnt that the world is full of these horrible people.  Or that we deserve to be treated this way. The answer lies within the stories that are locked away in our subconscious. Negative stories that we picked up when we were younger. These negative stories about ourselves that make up our “normal,” when in reality, they should be purged. They don’t serve us so we need to get rid of them. The monsters keep showing up to bring light or awareness to that very thing within ourselves that is broken and calling to be repaired. The problem is that we ignore the signs /patterns that keep repeating themselves over and over.

 The stories that live within our subconscious and drawn in these monsters are easily changed through hypnosis. Once the stories are neutralized, changed, or put into our past, the monster will stop showing up, and we are free to find someone who is really right for us as a partner or the boss that isn’t a tyrant.

So take a minute and think about the scenarios that keep showing up. I know everyone wants to have a life that is easier to live. Hypnosis can make that a truth.  Call Pure Space today at 732-406-3498 to learn more about how to banish the monsters from your life once and for all.