The Perfect Archery Shot


The perfect shot in archery happens infrequently. The perfect shot is when the shot goes off without effort, and everything seems to happen on its own.  Some people call this being in the flow or being in the zone. When you experience this, you know that shot was executed with your subconscious mind.

The question is how do we make this happen more frequently. Mostly it’s training and more training with the goal of making the physical more automatic. If we do this enough to get muscle memory to take over, so the shot will go off without our minds getting in the way.

The problem lies with mind. All of us admit that archery is 90% mental. But how many of us work on our mental game?  Some of us do this; we implement a system to manage the mind.  We teach ourselves mantras to repeat.  We recite the steps of shooting process in our minds to keep from thinking about anything else. We try to bore out concentration into the target by staring.

But hypnosis offers a new way to approach mental training and increase the ability of your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis streamlines the subconscious mind and takes away all the obstacles that reside there, allowing the mind to be more efficient.

If you think about it, all of us have experienced a good shot where it felt good and landed in the middle. This means you have the skill and ability to shoot your best scores. If you have achieved this once, you can do it again. The problem is that we have to allow it to happen. We have to trust what we’re doing and give ourselves the room to let it happen.

By neutralizing the obstacles within your subconscious mind, these perfect shots will happen more frequently. These obstacles can be stories or misunderstandings imprinted at an earlier time or younger age.  For example, being bullied may create a story where you view yourself as less than, weak or a person who is not worthy of being happy. This story will turn into not being worthy to win.  Another common experience is with jealousy. Sometimes when you are a winner or successful, your friends get jealous, and they treat you badly.  This can create a story that says winning is painful, so your subconscious will not let you win because it wants to protect you from the pain.  

Hypnosis is an efficient way to clean up the subconscious mind and unlock your hidden potential, allowing you to execute more perfect shots consistently. 

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