Getting What You Want


Getting what you want can seem hard, even impossible. The great effort that you make often doesn’t yield much.  You don’t meet the right person, you aren’t given the promotion, your score falls short of what you know you can do in practice. People say you have to stick with it and not give up.  While this is true, if you give up you will never reach your goals, but what if there were some other elements at play and holding you back…

For example, imagine you had to perform in a school play as a young child. As you are waiting to go on stage, you grew more and more anxious. This anxiety may linger causing you problems with public speaking, tackling a job interview, or contributing your ideas in meetings at work.  If you participate in sports, any delays in the event can also trigger this anxiety response. One simple day in your childhood can echo throughout the rest of your life.  Our lack of understanding of the cause of this behavior can be frustrating, leading us to think that we were just born that way or broken.  Some people experience depression or more wide spread anxiety as a result. 

What holds us back is our subconscious programming, stories that enter our subconscious and then function as the foundation for our reactions to the world.  These stories may form at a very young age, when our subconscious was wide open. Before the age of 10, the subconscious mind has no filter. We haven’t developed discernment. We are subjected to whatever shows up: stories, traumas, or even simple misunderstandings. This information gets locked away and filed in the subconscious, sometimes so deeply, that we don’t even know what’s there.  These are the stories and responses holding us back. These stories won’t let us achieve what we desire.

 Whatever your goals--maybe whether it’s getting your dream job, finding love, or winning the big event--these personal milestones can usually be reached once you remove these stories that keep you trapped in the patterns of your past. Once the subconscious is cleaned up, you will be able to master your life. Hypnosis offers a way to clean up your subconscious and remove roadblocks to the success you want. Hypnosis can unlock the misunderstandings of your past and free you to approach situations in new ways that support your success rather than thwart it.  We can go back and neutralize the damaging effects that these stories hold, freeing ourselves and dismantling the structures that keep us from achieving our potential and getting what we want.

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