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Archery Mental Game & Hypnosis

Few of us have a mental game, and some of us don’t work on it at all. Yet, we all know that archery is 95% mental. So why don’t we work on our mental side. We don’t work on it because we are taught when we have a problem we just have to train more, work harder, or get better equipment. Sometimes, this is true. Sometimes, it’s not. The mental game should be addressed as much as the shot process because it is an integral part of the shot process—not something separate from it.  This means there is no separate mental side. There are no sides. There is only one collective process. This includes mental work and all the physical discipline that we put into our sport.

There are mental systems out there. And these systems do work as they help distract our conscious minds and alleviating the symptoms that we suffer from.  But hypnosis offers a different way forward.

Using hypnosis we work on the mental game where it happens in the mind. If the mind is not working at its peak, there will be problems that will show up when you don’t want them to.  Problems like competition anxiety that sucks the fun from being a tournament, social anxiety that keeps you isolated and nervous, or even fear of winning or losing that can paralyze you in the moment.

So how do we work on the mind?

 Hypnosis offers a super efficient way to work on the mind. Through hypnosis, we can get into the deep hidden stories that shape our behaviors. The stories that lie outside of our memories this information creates are habitual patterns. These patterns dictate how we respond to competition and pressure. The system and techniques that I use will clean up the subconscious making it functional in a more efficient way helping you get to the outcomes that you are looking for.

Hypnosis can quickly remedy problems that are chronic and have plagued you for years. So if you want to improve your mental game, start with a clean slate within the foundation of your archery—within your mind. This will increase the probability of you getting what you want and achieving your goals. This will make your archery dreams so much easier to achieve. 

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Sports Performance

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Hypnosis and Sports Performance

Hypnosis can help athletes of many sports. The best way to improve your mental game is to directly work on the mind. Hypnosis helps you to clear any restrictions that are holding you back keeping you from your potential, bringing performance to a new level.

This can help with:

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Running

  • Soccer

  • Hockey

  • Baseball

  • Softball

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Test & School Anxiety


Many students suffer from test anxiety. Test anxiety manifests in multiple ways from falling apart before taking a test to procrastinating when studying to panicking during a test. Many students suffer from this, even though they know the material and are very smart, but the idea of taking a test affects them physically and emotionally.

Hypnosis can eliminate test anxiety. This reaction is not who they are. There are reasons why this happens. Hypnosis can find the root cause of the anxiety. In a few short sessions, you can reduce or eliminate it completely.  Hypnosis can help your student make the change, so they are no longer held back by their inability to take a test.  This can change the course of you child’s life and their education.

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Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a  difficult problem to overcome. One average, a pack of cigarettes costs $6; with a pack a day habit, smoking costs cost $2,000 a year. This number doesn’t include the costs to your health. Medical studies document all too well the health risks of smoking. Every morning when you wake up coughing, you experience those risks first hand.

While there are many ways out there to quit smoking, most of them require lots of time, money, and tenacity. Sadly, many of the methods claim a very low success rate, leaving you frustrated and feeling like a failure.

Fortunately, hypnosis offers a better way to quit smoking!


Hypnosis has an 80% success rate. What most people require is 1-2 office visits and the need to quit—that is it. The best thing with hypnosis is that when you leave the office, and you no longer possess desire to light up It returns you to life as non-smoker. 

When we get your subconscious mind on board that you are not actually a smoker, the need and desires are gone. 


It’s time to reclaim your health. Get rid of a costly habit that robs you of your health and money and take charge of your life; you don’t have be ruled by your smokes.

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PTSD/Trauma Recovery


PTSD & Hypnosis

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder has everything to do with trauma being stuck stuck in the mind and the body.  

How do things get stuck in our mind? In a way, it is exactly as it sounds. Emotions or thoughts, or in this case, trauma will get trapped in half of the brain. When stuck, the pressure of the trauma builds and builds. This throws off brain chemistry.  Utilizing hypnosis, we can help the trauma move forward. Once the trauma becomes mobile, it can be processed and released, allowing you to move forward with your life.

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Childhood Behavior Issues


Children, Behavior Issues, & Hypnosis

Children seem to be having more and more complex behavioral issues--ADD/ADHD, sensitivity disorders, learning difficulties, depression, etc. It isn’t clear whether the behaviors have changed or the diagnosis. Essentially, it doesn’t matter; when working within the realm of the subconscious where all behavioral patterns originate. and change can be obtained much faster, without years of therapy or drug side effects. Hypnosis makes things much easier for the child and for the parents. When progress is realized quickly, patient and parent tend to be less frustrated, school becomes easier, and stress levels go down. 

These behavior issues and challenges often show up before the age of 10 because the young mind is more open to suggestion, good or bad.  Compounding this biological fact is the increasing exposure to stimulus in our modern culture. Information is so easily obtained and constantly bombards us from screens with carry with us every where.  The children and young adults take in information on a much grander scale; they are not immune to the new, faster pace of our society. On top of this, children are more sensitive and aware of the adult world than ever before. 

With this information overload the mind is maxed out. This expands trouble in school, trouble at home, bullying, etc, the list goes on and on.  I believe the young mind’s have no way of dealing with this stress and tension, so they find different ways to process. What then shows up are behaviors that are not  helpful for anyone—and often clinician diagnoses.

Treating behavioral problems with hypnosis is very effective.  Hypnosis provides a very efficient way to tackle these behaviors in the place where they originate without drugs and the problems they create. Hypnosis will de-stress the mind.  Remove learning blockages and unlocking the hidden mysteries that are unique to each child that keep them from success. 

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Fears & Phobias



Fears and phobias can paralyze individuals making them unwilling to face everyday tasks like driving, being outside, flying or unfamiliar situations.

Often these fears and phobias arise from single moments in time where the fear took root.  Therefore a fear or phobia can take hold in seconds. Luckily, this means it can be dealt with quickly, even if you’ve had this phobia or fear for years. Through hypnosis, we can find those moments and neutralize them. Once free from the grip of the problem state, you can live and function without struggle. 

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Depression & Anxiety


Depression/Anxiety and Hypnosis

Depression can rob your life of all the joy and color.  You may feel trapped, stuck, like there’s a heavy blanket on you.  You feel nothing will ever change or improve.

Depression, though, always has a story: a story in which you were unaware of. This story creates an imbalance in the chemistry in the mind, which leads to depression. Through hypnosis, we can correct those stories, changing the mind’s chemistry and restoring brain balance, lifting depression and opening you up to new possibilities.

Anxiety plagues most of us in our fast-paced, always on the go society.  We get little time to still our minds and settle down.  Our thoughts race, Anxiety builds. Our bodies react with troubling physical symptoms, and every day tasks loom large and overwhelm us.

Hypnosis can help find out the why. Because anxiety isn’t chronic. It’s something that happens that has an origin. Once that origin is found and neutralized, you will have the freedom to flow with your world not react to it.

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Sexual Well Being



The mysteries of sexual health often turn out to be more of a misunderstanding then a mystery. For example, men are basically told when you reach a certain age everything changes, and you need supplements and drugs if you choose to carry-on with a sexual lifestyle.  And women are told that as they age their libidos will evaporate, and sex will become painful. This is pretty much a lie.

Sexual health does change as you age to a degree. Most occurring sexual problems have some kind of an emotional bass. Once the emotional underlining story is dealt with, sexual health can be restored. This is true with ailments such as: erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, fertility problems, vaginal dryness and porn/masturbation addiction.

Hypnosis is a healthy alternative to drugs. The drugs that are offered to treat these problems only tell your body that it has to stop trying, which in turn makes you dependent on them. Hypnosis can help you reclaim your sexual health. Hypnosis finds the cause that disrupts the balance with in your system and helps you restore the connection to your confidence and a healthy relationship with your sexual expression.

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